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Ask Sage: Why do I only feel jealous with one of my partners?

Hi everyone! So someone sent me this question on Instagram, and I am so excited to respond to it here. I’ve been wanting to start some type of advice column for yeeeeears but I’ve always hesitated, because something about it felt really…arrogant, you know? Yet here we are! I lay no claim to any credentials […]

On this day

We’re ten days in and so far 2021 has been…all of the things. Some questions I am asking myself as we skid and crash into this new year: What does it mean to show up fully? How much can and should I allow myself to feel the pain of the world? How do I balance […]

When the body screams: On trauma and feeling safe

I don’t feel safe enough to speak my truth. If I don’t speak my truth I feel as if I might die. *** I desperately need people to like me. I desperately need to act with integrity. *** I desperately need people to approve of my every action. I desperately need to feel free and […]


And then, two months after I began writing poetry in English again, the annual Poetry in McGregor Competition took place. The theme was “Love in the time of Covid”, something I’d become intimately acquainted with over the last few months. I had the option of writing either in English or Afrikaans. Why did I choose […]

Coming soon(ish)!

I am making a Thing! And I’m hoping over time this thing will become a zine. It will appear here. It will be different from a blog post in that you will be able to download it, and also, if I’m lucky, it might contain some drawings (which, if you’re lucky, will not be done […]

Writing is giving birth

As a child I wrote poetry in French (what now seems to me, with a strange feeling of loss, to be poetry written by somebody else since I have since forgotten the meaning of every fourth word). Coming to South Africa at the age of ten, I flailed about in search of a language that […]

My body is weird and I’ll tell you about it when I’m good and ready

This body is mine. These shoulders, bony, summer-browned, beauty-spotted. This hair, bright purple, growing too long into the nape of my neck. This tattoo on my upper arm. This leg, bundle of confused nerves, scar tissue and odd-shaped bone – mine. Taking ownership of it isn’t always easy. For me there is a lingering shame […]

Saying I’m queer makes me feel weird

But I’ll say it anyway The first time I kissed a girl I was 28. I was fresh out of a long-term relationship, on the dance floor at a bar with some friends, feeling frisky and a bit lost, when this girl walked in. She was glowing. I don’t know what struck me first – […]