Hi friend. Thanks for being here.

My name is Sage. I’m a storyteller, currently wandering South Africa with my Labrador, Woud, (pronounced ‘Vote’, it means ‘forest’ in Afrikaans) in my minuscule car. We’re volunteering at different projects across the country, hopefully learning some new skills, and collecting stories as we go along.

I’m interested in building community, in learning from people doing brave and interesting things, and in learning how to love well. On my podcast, Case Files of a Fool for Love, I talk about the winding and often confusing journey I’ve had into exploring Relationship Anarchy, into unlearning my religious upbringing and exploring new forms of meaning, into wrestling with the concepts of trauma and healing. I also bring other voices in to tell their stories.

I have about a million ideas for new projects – zines, another podcast, collaborations with other artists… Watch this space! And send me your suggestions if you have any. Or your story – I’d love to hear it.

If you’d like to further support me, head over to my Patreon where you can sign up to donate according to your preferences.

I hope to continue engaging with you in many creative and interesting ways. And I hope we can help each other grow, and tell our stories.