Because of the very personal nature of this blog, I am not posting pictures of myself or giving too many identifying details yet. But I can tell you a bit more about myself, if you’d like that.

I live in South Africa, near the ocean and surrounded by mountains. Every afternoon I sit on my porch looking over vineyards and mountain peaks with my dog Waldo nearby, hoping I’ll throw him his ball. I love reading. I love people. I love making Spotify playlist for every imaginable occasion. I love watching Doctor Who (I think it’s a profound show about humanity, non-violence and adventure that everybody should watch, even if the last two seasons are a bit of a let-down). I like doing yoga, preferably where no one can see me. I love Neil Gaiman novels. I try to approach my relationships from a Relationship Anarchy perspective: questioning power, operating with authenticity, kindness and respect for others’ autonomy.

On this blog I write about the things that interest me most: journeys, growth, psychedelics, alternative ways of living and loving. I want to write about the topics I’ve struggled to find information about on the internet myself, like the all the different ways we can do relationships, like the lessons we can learn from drugs, like what the difference is between sadness and depression.

I’m figuring life out as I go along and I yearn to do that in conversation, sharing my thoughts and dreams in a space where your thoughts and dreams are welcome too.