1. Submissions to The Storytelling Collective

For this podcast I am looking for creative long-form fiction and non-fiction. Preferred genres include fairytales and myths, travel stories, coming-of-age stories, cosy mysteries, personal narratives, essays, or sketches from your daily life.

Please read my post about The Storytelling Collective for an understanding of the intention and style of this podcast.

What not to send: Horror, violent fantasy or crime, erotica, and academic essays.

Please send only your own original unpublished writing.

Length: Between 1000 and 6000 words.

Technical requirements:

Please ensure that your work is well-edited. Use a legible font (no comic sans), 12 pt. font size, 1,5 line spacing.

In your submission, please include the title of your piece, your name or pseudonym, and your contact details; also indicate whether or not you prefer to remain anonymous. You may also include your social media handles.

For now only English writing will be considered, but if you have written something in Afrikaans, do send that along if you’d like – I will not use it right now but would like to do so in future, if you’re willing to wait a while.

There is no limit to the amount of pieces you may submit, as long as you stick to the requirements. If your work resonates with the audience, you could even become a regular writer for The Storytelling Collective, if that appeals to you.

I will select stories based on how well-written and edited they are, and based on whether or not their contents fit the tone of the podcast. Please understand that I cannot use every story I receive, although I aim to provide a platform to as many budding writers as possible.

Send your submissions to sagefreda@gmail.com, with the heading “Story submission for The Storytelling Collective”.


2. Submissions to Case Files of a Fool for Love

For this podcast, I am looking for personal (true) tales of self-discovery and transformation. Topics include, but are not limited to: deconstructing (or reconstructing) religion, personal or collective trauma and healing, our relationship with the earth, redefining romantic relationships, redefining family, redefining work and career. Anything from breakups to career struggles to unexpected journeys to philosophical musings is welcome.

Important: Your writing doesn’t need to have a happy conclusion, or follow a beginning–> middle–> climax/conclusion storyline. You do not have to write a well-defined and coherent tale. You may simply send your thoughts on a topic, you personal experience about a small or large issue, your questions or your fears. You don’t need to have the answer to a problem to write about that problem.

If you prefer, you may also send me a voice note about whatever is on your heart, to be played on the podcast. (If you do send a voice note, please ensure that your voice is audible and that there aren’t too many background noises. The easiest way to send a voice note is simply to record yourself over your phone’s recording app and send it as an email attachment.)

Maximum length of writing: 5000 words (there is no minimum length, but preferably send at least a paragraph).

Technical requirements: Your writing doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece – write from the heart instead of aiming for a perfectly crafted piece. However, please ensure you use a legible font, 12 pt. font size, and 1,5 line spacing.

In your letter, please include your name or pseudonym and your contact details; also indicate whether or not you prefer to remain anonymous. You may also include your social media handles, if you’d like.

There is no limit to how many times you may write. However, I might not immediately feature your letter or voicenote, since I try and arrange each episode according to a specific theme. If, for instance, you write about a difficult breakup, I might save your letter for two episodes later when I discuss breakups. Regardless of what you write about, though, I will respond to your letter personally and inform you of how and when I will feature your writing on my podcast, and ensure that I have your permission.

Send your submissions to sagefreda@gmail.com, with the heading “Letter/voicenote submission for Case Files of a Fool for Love”.

I look forward to hearing what’s on your heart!




Western Cape, South Africa