I’ve started a podcast!

Join me as I chat about my strange adventures in romance and non-monogamy and expanding my definition of love – starting from my strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing all the way through to where I am today, practicing relationship anarchy and still trying to figure life and love out bit by bit. Expect frank discussions of religion, trauma, monogamy, and of course sex.

Below is the list of available episodes, as well as the links to the Spotify episodes. (But my podcast is out on other platforms too, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and RadioPublic).

#1 First Reflections: Welcome to the very first episode of Case Files of a Fool for Love! In this episode I introduce myself and chat about what I hope to do with this podcast: To share about my colourful journey from fundamentalist Christianity all the way through to practicing relationship anarchy today. I start the conversation in the hopes that you’ll soon join with your questions and stories too. I define relationship anarchy, and then tell you a little bit about my own life and mental health journey too.

#2 Strange Beginnings: I start this episode off by telling you about some of the doubts and fears I’ve been experiencing recently, and what resources I am using to support me in this time. I discuss the use of antidepressants, EMDR, and reference Bessel van der Kolk’s book ‘The body keeps the score’. I then open up about my childhood, starting with when my parents met, moved to France and had me and my siblings there. I talk about my developmental and religious trauma, listing some of the negative beliefs I have internalised as a result, and how they have impacted my relationships.

#3 Being in love, and other drugs: In this episode I have a rant about menstruation and birth control – and people’s opinions about that – and then another rant about using antidepressants – and people’s opinions about that. I also talk about the difference between feeling resistance and feeling a clear ‘no’. Finally I wonder what it actually means to be ‘in love’, and expand on some of my recent experiences with relationship anarchy.